Seat Covers That Simplify Surfers’ Lives


Love to surf? If you do, then you know surfing is not just a sport. It is an entire lifestyle, and that includes your vehicle, which is important for getting you from beach to beach and back home again. Therefore, you need to keep it clean and dry, including the interior. High-quality, custom-made seat covers can make your life much easier by helping you to care for your vehicle.

Waterproof Your Seats

Customized waterproof seat covers from CalTrend are the perfect solution for surfers. Taking care of the inside of your vehicle has several important benefits. Maintaining the interior can help you to:

• Avoid musty wet smells
• Prevent mold and mildew
• Extend the life of your vehicle

CalTrend, which specializes in making made-to-order covers that fit your vehicle’s seat like a glove, offers precision-cut, waterproof fabrics.


NeoSupreme is CalTrend’s offering to vehicle owners with active lifestyles. The material used to construct these customized seat covers is similar to that used for wetsuits, so you know it can stand up to post-surf dampness. The covers are cut precisely so that they will hug your seats tightly and keep the original upholstery pristine. NeoSupreme covers have multiple benefits, including:

• Sturdy, water-repellent fabric is also UV-resistant
• Available in eight colors
• Easy installation without tools
• Made-to-order covers have super-fast delivery


This tough fabric gives your vehicle a sporty but attractive look whether you are at the beach or driving to dinner. While it is not waterproof to the degree of NeoSupreme, it does offer multiple benefits:

• Good water resistance
• Protects against mildew and UV rays
• Available in four colors
• Customized seat covers have fast delivery

With CalTrend seat covers, surfers can have it all—an exciting lifestyle and a clean, dry car interior. Contact them today to start your custom order.


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