Communicating with a Car


Many car manufacturers are now offering ways to interact with vehicles through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Services like Ford’s Sync Connect, GM’s OnStar, Kia’s UVO eServices and others make it possible for people to control some vehicle features. Here are just a few items, which might be worth checking with your local dealership about, that can transport connectivity to the driving experience:

Lock/Unlock your car – In a rush and would like to get into the vehicle as fast as possible? With a smartphone’s assistance, you can unlock your car from anywhere. This may be handy if there is bad weather, or it is late at night and you do not want to have to find the correct key without light to guide you.

Remote starting – Many manufacturers offer remote start units that mobile devices control. This gives you the ability to start up a vehicle and make the for a cozy cabin by activating climate controls.

Uploading directions – One extremely useful feature on a smartphone app for your cellular device is how it is possible to send directions from your phone or other mobile device to your vehicle’s infotainment unit. A popular way to do this is through Google’s “Send to Car” feature. Contact the Sales team at Oyster Bay BMW, a full-service car dealership in Oyster Bay, NY for more information on something like this!

Checking out diagnostics – With display panels on vehicle infotainment units that show vehicle diagnostics, it wouldn’t be long before mobile device involvement. Many new cars make it possible to communicate with a vehicle’s diagnostic unit that can inform you about things like when you should go for an oil change, and if any service issues occur.

Setting driving limitations – Are you the parent of a teenager? If you are, this is the best feature to make sure you can sleep at night. You could any computer or mobile device to set limits on things like top permitted speed, where the vehicle is allowed to be driven and other parameters. And whenever you’d like, you may obtain a report of these parameters during the time the vehicle was used. Your teen may think this type of thing isn’t fair, but it would be for both your benefits to have it.

Finding the vehicle in the first place – It happens to everybody at one point. You parked your car in an enormous lot and you can not seem to find it. A number of manufacturers have offered smartphone apps with mapping technology to guide you right to the car. One example of this type of feature is Google Maps. Just think about how handy this would be at night.

While some of the features we looked at are just nice to have, many are real safety features and, as such, will probably become popular. Connectivity to their vehicles is becoming a big draw for buyers, and thus we expect the trend of high-tech safety features to continue.


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