All About Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches

When someone would like to haul a heavy trailer, a fifth wheel hitch is the hitch one should use.  Take a look at a fifth wheel hitch and you will see the resemblance to the hitches used on eighteen-wheels. Fifth wheel hitches are usually mounted on a flatbed towing truck’s rear platform or in a pickup truck’s bed.

As with anything, there are disadvantages exist for fifth-wheel hitches. Let’s get those out of the way: 

Bed room: A fifth wheel hitch takes up space in the bed of a truck. You could find that you have little room for anything else in the truck bed when you’ve got a fifth wheel hitch. 

Removing the tailgate:  One issue is that you often have to take off the tailgate to haul anything. This can be difficult, but thankfully the truck companies have realized that and made some accessories to help. 

There is another thing you need to consider when thinking about using a fifth wheel hitch; make sure your vehicle could haul the load. Check the truck’s owner’s manual and see what the top towing capacity of your vehicle is. Never try to haul a load that exceeds this capacity as it can be dangerous. You need to ensure that you have the correct type of vehicle for this. You should possess a half-ton truck. Fifth-wheel hitches work best with the eight-foot beds because you need room in front of the hitch itself for your trailer overhand to clear your back window of your truck’s cab.

Also, look out for the money it will cost you. Sometimes fifth-wheel trailer hitches can be expensive, and because of that that you may want to consider putting a bit of money aside every month to buy one of these excellent devices. You can browse online for an idea of prices, but the Sales manager at Four Seasons Ford, a full-service car dealership in Hendersonville, NC, can help with this! Do not hesitate to give the dealership a ring!

However, fifth wheel hookups offer many advantages. Their advantages are why so many people purchase them. These are the advantages:

Easy to maneuver:  Because the hitch is mounted in the truck’s bed, it makes it easier to drive in reverse and turn corners. This can be a huge advantage if hauling a long trailer. 

Hauling Capacity: You might haul considerably more weight with a fifth wheel hitch than without.  

Additional Stability:  Fifth wheel hitches make trailers more stable than with alternative hitches.  The reason is that trailer and tow vehicles are locked tighter together than typical ball hitches. Also, fifth-wheel trailer hitches will make it so that your truck’s front wheels will remain on the ground—as opposed to rise—when your truck is either at a standstill or while you have it on the highway.

The strongest hitch you may purchase for a truck is a fifth wheel trailer hitch. The fifth wheel trailer hitch is the best hitch for hauling heavy loads, and that’s the case no matter how any driver thinks about it. It is unequaled in stability and towing capacity, and while they have a few drawbacks, there are accessories that can bypass these irritants!


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