Things to Consider When Becoming an Owner-Operator of a Truck


Are you a company truck driver thinking about becoming an owner-operator? There are certain advantages to going that route, like having more freedom and control over your own schedule. That flexibility is very appealing to a lot of people, but the lifestyle is not for everyone. Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge into working for yourself as an owner-operator.

How much time do you need to spend at home? If you want to have longer periods of time at home that are not necessarily on the weekends, you may do well as an owner-operator.

How much do you like to drive? Some people like to take long trips in their truck and others just want to do short runs. This should factor into your decision about becoming an owner-operator. If you want to get as much driving in as possible when you are on the road, becoming an owner-operator may be the right way for you to go.

How healthy are you? If you are really healthy and do not have any conditions that may worsen, you could be a good candidate for becoming an owner-operator. While having the flexibility to create your own schedule is nice, weighing the amount of time spent on the road versus the impacts to your health condition could be a deciding factor in this career move.

How long do you plan to drive? If you love getting out on the road and seeing the country, becoming an owner-operator may be just the thing for you.

It’s true that when you are an owner-operator of a truck, you have a freedom that most jobs lack, but the decision should not be taken lightly. Making this choice is very personal and should be carefully discussed with your family before jumping in.


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