Why Do I Need To Hire A Parking Patrol Service?


Patrols are essential if you are in the business of providing parking services to the public or to staff and employees. A properly trained patrol service can enforce safety standards and restrictions that you have set in place. They can also aid in being visible enough to deter crimes.

Will The Patrol Service Catch Criminals?

Absolutely not. Make no mistake, parking patrol employees are not law enforcement officers. They do, however, dress and monitor the lot in such a way as to remain highly visible. They wear professional and branded uniforms for the very purpose of not blending in. This in itself is the deterrent. Patrols will not catch a criminal in the act and physically stop them. They are trained in conflict resolution focusing on verbal engagement only. They do not have the authority to arrest people. They will certainly contact law enforcement if the need arises.

How Do They Know What To Enforce?

You provide the rules that pertain to your lot and a patrol will generally provide the appropriate signage. They can issue tickets for violations and can also give out permits for those with special privileges.

Will Their Presence Make My Customers Or Employees Nervous?

On the contrary, a professional staff patrolling your parking lot can add a huge sense of safety to those that use your service. Nobody really likes parking in a desolate lot. A highly visible patrol crew can be welcoming and reassuring to those that are supposed to be there and a huge deterrent to those that are not.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

There certainly are. A patrol can actually maximize your profitability. Cars that are not parked properly and take up more than one allotted slot costs you money. So do abandoned vehicles or disabled vehicles that are just taking up space without generating some form of revenue. These situations are costly and unsightly to potential customers. A lot that is not welcoming will be remembered and avoided.

Patrol It For Your Business

Whether the lot is part of your income or a perk for your employees, it’s obvious that a well-patrolled area is in your best interests in the long-term. People want safety, security and convenience. Parking lot patrols are a great way to give those to them.


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