Inbound Calls from Car Shoppers Are on the Rise


The increasing popularity of smartphones and a mobile-friendly Internet is having a curious side effect: phone calls from shoppers are becoming more common. Nearly three-quarters of all prospective automobile buyers do their research online before anything else. In 2013, a study by Google found that over half of all people who are researching new cars, parts, and services, move directly from a web search to the phone.

Car dealerships are seeing far more inbound calls than they ever have.People can browse inventories and services without ever going to the lot, avoiding what they perceive as “pressure tactics.” Astonishingly, 16% of these calls go unanswered, and in two-thirds of all cases, salespeople don’t even ask the customer for contact information. These are easy leads, and dealers are letting them slip through their fingers. Sometimes, it’s simply because dealerships are overwhelmed and don’t have the staffing levels to properly field inbound calls. If that’s the case, you may want to look into an overflow service. If you’re nervous about outsourcing such a crucial part of your customer service experience to a call centre, read about how you can personalize your scripts to include custom campaigns at

The “Do-It-For-Me” Generation

According to one mobile advertising company, 74% of the people dialling up dealerships were looking for parts and services, compared to 14% asking about vehicles. That may not sound like sales gold, but parts and services still make up over $84 billion in dealership revenues every year. Even more importantly, this is a chance to create leads and build customer loyalty. More and more buyers belong to a Millennial generation that largely lacks DIY skills when it comes to home and automotive repairs. That means more repeat service business, and more opportunities to turn service-seekers on to trade-ups or new purchases.

Missed Connections

Don’t leave your overflow in the hands of just any call centre; make sure you work with a service that will integrate your inventory into their dynamic scripting and open multiple channels of communication. For example, the inventory integration offered by Gubagoo is used by liaisons to send product information through emails, texts, and live chat windows built into your website. It’s not just about booking parts and services, it’s about helping customers, building loyalty, generating leads, and converting them into car sales.


Text messages are a great way to keep the lines of communication open with customers. SMS-integration allows customers to text with your dealership, giving them more flexibility to ask questions and learn about products and incentives. Online liaison services from tech companies like Gubagoo are using SMS to convert more leads by creating new marketing opportunities and bringing potential customers closer to salespeople.

Consumers want to inform themselves as much as possible before spending their hard-earned money. Smart salespeople have learned that the “always be closing” mantra is quickly becoming obsolete, and it’s been replaced by “always be helping.” The best way to build customer loyalty is to provide reliable services, valuable content, and an enjoyable, streamlined customer experience. Do it with a company that leads the way in online customer service experiences.


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