New Technology in Motoring for 2016 and Onward

Improvements in technology are changing the way we think about motoring. The ever-rising phenomenon of personal driver services like Uber and Lyft challenge the way we go about our lives, and Apple and Google are even infiltrating your car these days via smartphone-like interfaces on dashboard displays. This post takes a look at the technology to watch out for in the near future.


The headline grabbing innovator, Elon Musk’s revolutionary Tesla Motors now have the capability to be semi-autonomous with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping capabilities.

Hailed as the future of motoring, 2016’s Tesla Model S comes in a range between 70-90kW. With four-wheel drive as standard, this model can drive a maximum of around 240 miles on just one charge. The Model X can accommodate 6-7 passengers depending on how it’s set up, but comes at a heftier price.

The drive towards more electric-friendly motoring is pioneered by Tesla Motors who aim to make going electric far easier by developing way to make batteries more efficient. The costs, however remain high.


With fierce competition, BMW have raised their game with the recent dawn of the 7-Series, their most technologically advanced car yet. A car that can park itself with the help of your digital display key fob acting as a remote control, this is really at the cutting edge.

Reuters report that there will soon be an eDrive version of the 7-Series, keeping BMW at the forefront of motoring technology with the likes of Tesla Motors.

The downside to all this innovation is inevitably the financial cost. Until such technology is available to the masses, there’s no need to stray away from the more classic range of BMW you can get for a fraction of the price when you buy used.


The Scandinavian car giant will be selling keyless cars in 2017. This will involve no chunky key fob, just an app on your phone that connects to the car’s Bluetooth. Not particularly ground-breaking, but changing the way we use our cars.

This innovation paves the way for virtual car sharing technology where you will be able to share a ‘virtual key’ in the soon to be piloted car sharing scheme ‘Sunfleet.’ This may not mark the end of the reign of the physical key, but still the innovation starts the ball rolling for other fundamental changes.

If you’re a technophile this news will be exciting but not come as much surprise. Rest assured that more developments are just around the corner.


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