Three Things To Do when You Collect Your New Pick Up


The pick up is the true workingman’s drive. Versatile, utilitarian, and capable of tackling almost any terrain, it claims an irreplaceable role in the lives of builders, handymen, farmers, gardeners, and outdoorsmen. It’s powerful, useful, and has an unparalleled ability to navigate mud, moorland, mountainsides, and anything else that you can throw at it, all whilst carrying a leviathan load in the back. Choose the right one, and you’ll have found the ultimate workhorse for farm life, country pursuits, and an all around good time.

Once you bring yours home, however, there are a few things that you need to think about. Here are three to get you started…

#1: Get Insured and Take Out Breakdown Cover

Every vehicle needs insurance and breakdown cover, and pick up trucks are no exception. Comparison sites are a great place to start looking, but depending upon your make and model, you may find that you begin to run into some difficulties. Indeed, the weight and power behind some pick ups can make it incredibly hard to arrange ordinary insurance and breakdown backup for them, so some people find that they have to resort to specialist van cover instead. Provided that you choose a reputable and knowledgeable provider, this shouldn’t disadvantage you in any way, and as long as you shop around, there are some fantastically economical options available.

#2: Test Your Truck

There are very few sellers who will allow you to take their vehicle home for a test drive, so it’s often a case of throwing as much as you can at potential pick ups, without raising any brows. Provided that you’ve done your research beforehand, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but it does mean that it’s a good idea to test your new truck as soon as you get the opportunity. Take it across mountain, moorland, and mud, trying it in every situation that you might need it to navigate. If it can’t handle the workload, it’s better to realise early on and exchange it for something else.

#3: Do a Little Housekeeping

The nature of pick ups means that they’re often used for quite dirty, dusty jobs, so before you fill yours full of hay, climb inside with a coating of mud on your boots, or throw some damp firewood in the back, do a little housekeeping. It’s a good idea to use dustsheets or old blankets to cover your seats and prevent marking and staining, as this will help your vehicle to hold its value. Considering that you never know when you will fancy an upgrade, it pays to protect your newest possession, ensuring that when the time comes to change, you can use your old motor to add a little more money to your budget.


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