Extended Vehicle Warranties


Have you ever heard a strange noise coming from the engine compartment while just trying to get somewhere one day, when your car was no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty? Immediately you’ve wondered if this is a minor issue, or if it is going to bust your monthly budget or do more damage! A small repair on a car can cost hundreds of dollars these days!

You get “peace of mind” from a warranty

You seriously have a nice time when a vehicle is “under warranty.” No matter what the problem is, you can have your nearby factory repair center take a look at things and if a vehicle component does need repairing, chances are the factory warranty will pay for it for you. This peace of mind is great for vehicle owners because it takes away the unknown of a budget-busting repair bill, and manufacturers are aware of it.

Would you like an alarming fact? The AAA says the typical household in the United States pays $3,269 on car maintenance per year. That seems like quite a bit, doesn’t it? Well, cars nowadays are not the simple machines they used to be. New cars are loaded with complex technology and plenty of electronics. Because of this, not only has the cost of repairs gone up significantly, so has the cost of simply diagnosing the issue. For example, the average cost to repair an air conditioning system is $825 these days. Over the next five years repair costs will increase roughly 12% per year. You’ll between one and two-thousand dollars to repair only that air conditioner a few years from now when it only costs $825 to do today.

One solution: Extend the vehicle’s warranty

Today’s automotive journalists put down extended warranties. They claim that today’s cars almost never need service until they rack up tons of miles and are at a pretty ripe age. During this time, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover repairs just fine. However, Cadillacofdublin.com points out the manufacturer’s factory warranty usually covers vehicles for an initial time period that is usually a shorter period of time than you will own the vehicle.

Let us introduce you to “Extended warranties”

“Extended warranties,” a kind of third-party service contract, offer protection against mechanical and electrical problems, even after the vehicle maker’s warranty has expired. Extended warranties are like the manufacturer’s original warranty. You are given a list of local repair shops that you can go to, and the rest works like factory warranties do. Purchasing a set number of years or miles–like 3 years or 30,000 miles–is what you may do with this kind of warranty. If something does happen with your vehicle, an extended warranty may save your neck. You will not need to worry about what repairs will cost, or if the repair shop is overcharging you because those things are taken care of–that’s the excellent part of having an extended warranty.

Should I buy one?

Here’s the bottom line: you don’t need an extended warranty, no one has to have one, but does it buy you peace of mind? If it does, then it’s worth the money you put down for it. A full night’s sleep without stress feels so nice!

Article Courtesy of: Cadillac of Dublin


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