How to Determine What Size Van You Need?

Being such a significant purchase, it’s no surprise that some people find it difficult to narrow down their options when buying a new van. Whatever you’re looking for, your main criteria should be reliability, practicality, and value. Which of these attributes you value most will be highly dependent on your line of work, though, so it’s crucial you appropriately determine what kind of van you need.

Which Type of Van is Right for You?

Vans come in a vast number of different body types. Whatever you need your van for, it’s likely that there’ll be a style to suit your needs. Panel vans, like the Ford Transit Custom or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, are the most common type of vehicle. A panel van is defined by its flat, enclosed load bay. While they have less cargo space than other types, they’re added maneuverability makes them particularly suited for cities with narrow streets and traffic congestion.

If you want something with even less of a footprint, you’ll want a smaller vehicle like the Volkswagen Caddy or the Ford Transit Connect. These are perfect for making light deliveries and heading into the city. Finally, for those who need to maximise space, a luton body van or a box van would be ideal. A luton body design incorporates an enclosed box body extended over the cab. These typically hold around 3.5 ton whereas a box van could hold up to 7.5 ton.

Always Remember to Take it for a Test Drive

When you’ve decided which type of van you want, you shouldn’t commit to a purchase there and then. Like any vehicle, it’s important to take it for a test drive first. This is your best chance to make sure you’re comfortable in the vehicle and that you’ll enjoy driving it for the foreseeable future. When buying used vans, the test drive is even more important as it’s often your best chance to spot any mechanical problems with the vehicle.

If you want to eliminate some of the pressure associated with buying a new van, you consider leasing instead. In this scenario, you’d pay a monthly fee to lender like this for the use of the vehicle. At the end of the contract, typically between two-to-four years, you return the car to your provider and you’ll have the option of choosing a newer model. This ensures you’re never stuck with driving a van you dislike for an extended period of time.


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