5 Safety Tips to Prevent a Car Accident


Even if you’re an experienced driver, you have as much chance of getting into some strife on the road as those who haven’t been driving as long. Here are a few simple safety tips that may help you avoid an accident.

1. Don’t Drive when Tired

True, it isn’t always possible to completely avoid getting behind the wheel when you’re tired. But if driving can be put off or done by someone else, it is well worth the effort. Long distance driving calls for regular breaks – the current guidelines suggest taking a break every two hours, but it’s best to drive to how you’re feeling. Fatigue can be deadly. Should you be in the unfortunate situation of a vehicle accident, you may need compensation for income loss if you can’t work, or a hire car to use while yours is being repaired. For help with these sorts of issues, consider specialist companies likeMotor Accident Legal Service that will help you every step of the way.

2. Make Sure Your Kids are Restrained

Buckling up isn’t just a suggestion – it’s the law. While some children dislike the restraint and fight it or unbuckle themselves, it’s important to impress the importance of seatbelts to them. Apart from the obvious dangers when it comes to accidents, it can also be the cause of an accident – even the best driver may have difficulty keeping their wits about them when children are crawling around, fighting with each other or emptying juice everywhere.

3. Ignore People Overtaking

People will overtake you. Let them. ‘Defensive’ driving doesn’t mean keeping your position in traffic.It sometimes means letting others get ahead of you. It may be annoying to be cut off, but resist the urge to fight back. These are the drivers you should be avoiding, not teaching a lesson. Any aggressive driving is dangerous, whether it comes from you or another party.

4. Be Prepared for All Weather Conditions

While you’d rather not drive in certain conditions, you probably won’t have a choice. Remember to keep windshield wipers going in the rain. In a very cold winter, defrost your windshield to prevent fogging up. When the road isn’t dry, the ability to stop quickly dramatically reduces. Drive slower than the speed limit in wet weather – remember that stopping distances increase, so the 2 second rule is doubled in rainy or foggy conditions.

5. Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape

Make sure your car and everything in it are in good condition. Have your brakes checked and adjusted, and ensure your tyres are adequately inflated. Replace your windshield wiper blades when they begin to streak. Make sure your windshields and windows are clean with no marks as they distort light and vision when the sun hits at certain angles. Check that all your lights are working properly.

As you can see, preventing a car accident is not rocket science. Common sense is inherent in us all, so we simply need to exercise it. Be cautious, be considerate of other road users, and resist the urge to be ‘bothered’ by other drivers who let their impatience get the better of them. Happy driving!


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