Do Not Mix Casino And Cars

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It is an issue that many people might not have thought of. You don’t read about casinos and cars in relation to each other quite often. However, the recent incidents have made it big news and even bigger concern for people. If you like to gamble and have a family then you need to pay extra attention on this. If you don’t gamble, you should still know about this problem so you can educate gamblers on the matter. People have been leaving their children unattended their cars while enjoying their gambling in the casinos. This has resulted in deaths and on most cases arrests for parents who showed this negligence.

It is quite shocking that parents don’t think about the weather and the conditions inside the car while leaving their children behind. The conditions come later, they don’t run this thought for once in their minds how bored the child would be if left in the car alone for hours. Just recently an incident took place in Maryland when a parent left a 4-year old child in the car only to gamble at Maryland Live. The child sat in the car for more than 8 hours. The temperature was around 30 on that day and while men are known for being more interested in gambling, on this occasion the offender was a woman.

The biggest problem in such cases is that most of the people who do this to children are only issued a warning. They are not charged with anything and this keeps them more adamant in their behavior. Most of them would come back after gambling for as many hours as they want, sit in the car and leave the premises with absolutely no guilt and busting. Such loose laws around the issue have resulted in increasing rate of such cases in the recent years. In Cincinnati a father left his 6-year old child in the car to visit the casino.

Even though the heater of the car was on the morning had winds blowing with temperatures below zero degree. It has been revealed in the recent statistics that such cases have been on their highest in the last 5 years. According to the high officials and president of most of the cases are never reported or become part of the statistics. Another case involved a 98-year old female left in the truck without anyone attending to her. This 98-year old mother spent several hours in the truck with no one to look after her.

After realizing that the problem is going out of hands the owners of the casinos are now taking the right actions to stop this practice. They are now joining hands with various organizations that work for the safety of kids in the cars to make sure that no parents or individuals leave children in the cars unattended for the sake of gambling. The critics of gambling have started to point their fingers at casinos and their presence in the first place without realizing that parents involved in these incidents are being more irresponsible in this case.

As per Peter at, the parents who like to gamble have to realize here that their negligent behavior is going to get casinos and casino owners in trouble. Just because of their careless behavior they could instigate a fully powered campaign against casinos that asks the state to ban their presence. Many officials from the police have already been seen talking about these issues and saying that casinos are not fully innocent in these cases. They have been asking casino owners to deploy better security at their premises and parking lots so such incidents can be avoided.

The president of has also talked about the challenges that are specifically associated with gambling and casinos. She said that such cases are not only specific to casinos. She said these cases are more common with gas stations and grocery stores but the challenges with casinos are different. In grocery stores and gas stations parents would spend only a few minutes out of the car whereas that’s not the case with casinos. When a person goes to casino that person would spend hours there even if he had not planned to do so while leaving the child in the car.

There are some organizations that have been designed for the purpose of helping people get rid of their addiction. They specifically target the addiction of gambling. It must be known here that this organization, called Gamblers Anonymous, and others similar to it are not against gambling. They are actually against the addiction of gambling. There are people who go to casinos alone, come out after playing for as long as they wanted to and go home happy. Then there are people who go there for 1 hour and forget completely about their goals and time tracking, and come out of there after several hours only to realize they had left their child in the car too.


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