What to consider when getting insurance for a new car

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When you purchase a new car, it is a legal requirement to have car insurance in place if you want to drive on UK roads, otherwise you risk facing a huge fine and penalty points. But there are several things to consider when getting a new car insurance policy to ensure you get the best deal. Today, Call Wiser explains everything you need to know.

Use a comparison site to get the best deal

By applying for a new car insurance policy through a comparison site or independent broker, you are able to access a number of competitive car insurance quotes in one place. By providing a few basic details about your driving history and your vehicle, the broker can usually recommend a number of cost-effective policies tailored to your needs.

Introductory offers for new customers

If you are comparing different policies, see if the provider can throw in any add-ons or introductory offers for new customers such as cashback or nectar points. In fact, Call Wiser offer free breakdown cover, mobile and gadget cover and legal cover with all new policies.

Pay annually, not monthly

Some insurance companies will encourage you to pay your premium every month, rather than an annual basis. Whilst it might be more convenient to pay for your insurance in monthly instalments, the insurers may add an extra £200 to your total for this convenience. Therefore, you are much better off paying for your insurance in one lump sum every year.

Increase the safety features on your vehicle

Insurers will tend to give a cheaper policy to new cars when there is a lower risk of the vehicle being broken into or stolen. If you haven’t already, make sure that you have the essential safety features and consider adding a tracker so that you can find your vehicle if stolen. Other things you can do include covering your car or locking it in a garage overnight and if you can tell your insurer this, they will probably give you a lower premium.

Get a multi car insurance policy for more than one driver

If you have more than one person who drives your car, consider getting a multi car insurance policy. This makes it cheaper for every extra person that you put on the policy and is common for couples or families that share a car.

Get special insurance for classic cars

If your car is a classic car, you may be better off getting a specialist classic car insurance policy rather than a standard policy. Since classic cars may be worth more as they get old, you need a policy to account for this. You can get ‘agreed value cover’ which means that if your car is lost, damaged or stolen, the insurer will pay out exactly what the classic vehicle is worth rather than just its value as a hunk of metal.

Avoid modifications

If you want to turn your car into a sports car and plan to get modifications to your vehicle such as new alloys, lights or spoilers, this will increase the cost of your insurance. So if you are involved in an accident, they simply become more expensive to replace – so avoid them if you want a cheap car insurance policy.

Get black box insurance

If you consider yourself a very good driver, you can add a black box to your vehicle. This is the size of a smart phone and sits on your dashboard. It carefully tracks your speed, how you brake and take turns and can determine if you are a safe driver. The information on the device is shared with your insurer and if you can prove that you are a safer driver, your insurance policy will be cheaper.




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