What Safety Equipment Do You Need When Working on a Car?

So you are ready to start working on your car at home. Congratulations! You have stepped into the world of one of the most amazing DIY hobbies. Working on your own car can be fun and save you lots of money. However, unlike underwater basket weaving, at home car repair and maintenance can be seriously hazardous to your health. With all of the flying parts, toxic fumes, and not to mention that three ton car hoisted above your head, there can be many dangers when you begin working on your car at home. But, there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together this checklist of essential safety equipment to make sure that you home garage is stocked before you begin.

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Half-Face or Full-Face Respirator

The garage is packed with fumes, dust, vapor, and gases. If inhaled, these can lead to serious problems for your lungs. A respirator is the best way to protect yourself from breathing in all of that toxicity. 3M respirators are some of the best on the market with lots of different options.

Safety Gloves

When you begin working on your car, chances are, your hands are going to come into contact with some dangerous solvents. The best way to protect your skin is to get a sturdy pair of gloves, made just for mechanics. Mechanix Wear is a great line for choosing just the right pair of gloves for different purposes.

Tyvek Suit

If you need to protect your hands, it stands to reason that you should protect the rest of your body. Tyvek suits keeps all of that poisonous dust off you and at the site of your work, where it belongs.

Organization System

To prevent unnecessary accidents, staying organized should be a top priority. Get everything off the wall and hung on a wall or stored in a cabinet. Check out the Garage Store to see various options that work for your garage.

Fire Extinguisher

With all of the sparks flying from welding, an unexpected fire could start at any time. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

First-Aid Kit

Cuts, bruises, and scrapes can easily happen while working on your car. Be sure to have a multi-purpose first aid kit in case of small accidents. CPR Savers has a special first-aid kit, made especially for mechanics, with all of the necessary bandages and ointments an at-home mechanic needs.

Hydraulic Jack

Invest in getting a sturdy jack and jack stands. When getting underneath your car, this is the only barrier you have between 3-D you and becoming a flat pancake. The Harbor Freight Pittsburgh 3 ton Rapid Pump is one of the best out, and you can’t beat the price.

When you decide to work on your car at home, you are making a very important decision. Besides having tools and parts, it is crucial to make sure your home garage is stocked with all of the important gear to keep you safe.


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