5 Features to Look For In a New Car

2015 Honda Accord

Buying a new car can be a frustrating process, especially figuring out what you will actually be using the new car for. These days there is a massive amount of options and extras to choose from and it can become quite overwhelming. Car sales sites like BoostClassifieds.com.au can help by showing what sort of vehicles are currently on the market as well as listing key features. Check out some of the extras that will take your new vehicle from cool cruiser to super sedan.

1. Bluetooth and USB Connectivity

Bluetooth and USB connectivity comes in handy now that everyone is glued to their mobile phones. Being able to connect your phone to your car means that you can make calls safely, without having to use a hands free headset. It also means that you can connect and sync your music to your car. This is a great feature if you prefer to really customise your car for yourself, or if you spend a lot of time in it.

2. Navigation Systems

Gone are the days of driving dangerously with a map on your knee. These days GPS systems and navigation comes built in with the car, and it can be a very useful feature to have. Simply plug in the destination and the car will show you the quickest way to get there. If you’re new to a city or are driving to an unfamiliar area regularly, this is a great extra to look for in your new car.

3. Seatbelt Warnings

Being able to tell if all passengers in the car have their seat belt on is a great feature, particularly if small children are travelling in the car regularly. The feature will warn you if a passenger does not have their seatbelt fastened, and in some models will beep continuously until the passenger buckles it or leaves the car.

4. Reversing Camera and Sensors

This is a great extra to look for in a new car. It can help prevent reversing accidents, and provides that extra level of security around your vehicle. This is a great way to check for obstructions and other vehicles when reversing your car. Whilst sensors can pick up small objects like branches, the camera works well in tandem by allowing you to check what it is that is behind you, and covers any blind spots in your mirrors.

5. 5-star Safety

A 5-star safety rating is an absolute necessity when purchasing a new car. The best safety features should be installed in any new car, and the rating will provide you with that information instantly. Safety is not the part of the car that should be compromised on.

The process of searching for a new car can be simplified greatly by analysing and deciding on the features and extras necessary for your car. Once this has been decided on you can search for a make that fits these requirements. What do you look for in a new car? Share your requirements in the comments below!


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