How to Keep Your Vehicles Clean

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Your vehicle is not only your pride and joy; it is probably the most expensive purchase you’ve recently made as well. As such, it stands to reason that you want to look after it. Here are a few tips to help you keep your vehicle looking spick-and-span.

Go Straight to the Professionals

If you don’t know where to start or you feel the job is just too much, don’t waste any more time or money. Contact professional cleaners who can clean your car faster and better than you perhaps might have been able to. Not only have you saved yourself time, but you are giving your vehicle a fresh start. And if your vehicle is on the heavier side – like a truck – don’t fret; there are even professional cleaners, like AMC Cleaning, who specialise in larger assignments like this.

Clean out the Rubbish with Every Trip

It can be good to have a stash of plastic bags on any trip so that you can collect any rubbish. Just make sure that the rubbish is thrown at the end of each trip. The last thing you want is to come down to your car after a week-long road trip to discover mouldy banana skins from the first day of the trip lying on the floor of your backseat. Remove it every day – make it a habit.

Make Some Rules

Perhaps you don’t want to be that person, but it may be worth making a rule of no eating food in your car. This is the easiest way to avoid bad smells, spilled drinks, and crumbs in the carpet. And don’t assume that your family or friends are the ones who have done this – you’ve probably done it too. So set the rule for yourself as well and don’t let yourself break it. You can also use this as an excuse to take some time out with friends and have a social bite to eat instead of a hurried snack in the car.

Lock It Up

Putting your car away in a garage at the end of the day is a great idea as it can keep your car protected from the elements and keep it clean. You won’t walk out to discover your car with a layer of dust on it or splashes of mud from passing cars. Even if it looks like it will rain, keeping your car outside for the shower is no guarantee that it will be cleaned. If in doubt, don’t take the risk – keep your car safe and locked up.

Don’t Forget About Your Air Filters

What you’re breathing in is not always great, so don’t forget to regularly check and clean your air filters. Your air conditioning does a great job of keeping you comfortable, but it can begin to filter in quite a lot of dust and other particles that you breathe in and that can coat the inside of your car.

What is your best tip for keeping your car clean? Share your suggestions below.


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