Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle

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Your car is the second biggest investment in life that most of us are likely to make, but too often we treat it badly. It’s used and abused on the way to work, to pick up the kids, or when you’re undertaking a last-minute, mad dash to the shops. Then, in thanks for its reliability, it sits outside in the cold or heat, gathering dust while you’re at home or work. If you consider your car an investment and representation of yourself, then here are some tips on maintaining your vehicle appropriately.

Service Regularly

It’s not just manufacturers being over-the-top; regular servicing of your car extends its life. Whether it’s a trip to your local mechanic or a scheduled service at the dealership, regular servicing in line with the logbook allows any problems to be spotted and remedied early. Small problems such as bald tyres or squeaking brakes can have greater ramifications and prove more costly to remedy in the long run, as you may have to replace extra parts which have been damaged.

Regular servicing also ensures you don’t run out of the necessities such as oil and radiator fluid, even though you should be keeping an eye on those things yourself.

Store It Under Cover

Nothing ages a car and its interior quite like exposure to the elements, so keep your car undercover or in a garage whenever possible, particularly if you live near the coast. Salt settling on your car equals rust, while sunlight leads to faded paint, cracked dashboards and fragile upholstery. Ideally, you would garage your vehicle. But if that’s not possible, invest in a carport. Businesses such as Additions Building Company specialise in carports and you can check out their website for some great ideas.

If a carport is beyond your means, consider a simple car cover to keep the elements at bay.

Keep It Polished

In line with keeping your car under cover, keep it polished for when it’s out and about. Consistently keeping polish on your paintwork can lengthen its lifespan by years, warding off fading, peeling, and cracks.

Drive It Nicely

A car is a big expense and a major necessity, so treat it with a little respect. That means not revving it out, crunching gears, or slamming on the brakes. Nice smooth gear changes, limousine-like cornering, and steady braking all spare wear and tear on your tyres, your gearbox, your differential, and your CV joints.

Get It Fixed

If something is broken, take the time to get it fixed. From door dings to scratches, cracked bumpers and broken air conditioning vents, all these items add up and affect how you and any potential buyer feels about your car. If it feels good to get in and be in, you are more likely to treat your vehicle nicely, taking pride in its appearance and your driving.

Many people view their car as an extension of themselves. So whether you intend to sell it or keep it until it’s a classic, it’s worth treating it well so it serves you with the same care.


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