Classic Meets Iconic with FIAT 500x

Fiat 500x

Step aside 500, the X is in town.

FIAT introduces their first true crossover model with the AWD FIAT 500x. It shares a lot of the same platform design and cues that were introduced with the smaller Jeep Renegade. Where the Jeep succeeds, the FIAT does not.
The Jeep Renegade is obviously designed for urban dwellers, but it is also contains a lot of the Jeep off road sustainability, where as the FIAT 500x is doesn’t quite offer that feel. But what it does offer is that iconic Italian flare.

The FIAT 500x is the first vehicle in the North American FIAT lineup to offer an advanced all-wheel drive system. This is a major breakthrough for the automaker, and many ponder on why it took them so long to implement such a model. But as the saying goes, better late than never right? The beauty of this new FIAT is the facts that it still has that fun, playful FIAT feel that you can expect from the other FIAT models, it just happens to be larger, and more comfortable. It is i suitable for the North American market who has been use to larger vehicle models since the dawn of age.

The 500x still retains a lot of the Italian styling cues and feel, as it was designed in Turin, Italy—the same place where the FIAT 500 was redesigned from the normal European model. The all new 2016 FIAT 500x is expected to hit NA showrooms as soon as 2015 Q1. For more information on the techs and specs of this new FIAT, you can read it at FIAT USA Sawgrass or at


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