Arizona Off Roading: The 4×4 Amusement Park


Arizona deserts are described as dry and vast, and many who reside in the southern end of Arizona are known for their high level of interest in conquering the terrain with their four-wheel-drive vehicles, or even their dune buggies.

Arizona is well known for their selection of off-road trails, some of which lead to uninhabited ghost towns, or some that just lead you down a rocky and dusty terrain. If you are a 4×4 enthusiast, then one place you need to go is Arizona, it is truly a dream vacation for so many off road gear heads.

With more than 75 off-road trails that are spread out across the entirety of Arizona, stretching across the Mojave, Sonoran and Yuma deserts, the state of Arizona is literally an amusement park for 4×4 riders.

For novice off-roaders, a few trials worth checking out are the Bradshaw Mountains, Sycamore Creek, and Four Peaks—all of which are in Northern part of Arizona., has listed each of these trails as “easy” difficulty level, but regardless of how easy it might seem, we still highly recommend you are prepared for the worse.

For the more experienced off-road gurus, we recommend the Reno Pass and even the Desoto Mine, both of which are more south towards Phoenix. This is something you will surely need a souped up SUV or truck for. Standard vehicles will likely not be able to navigate this terrain without potential harm to the vehicle or to oneself.
Regardless of where you are from, a Zona native, or if you are just an adrenaline junky looking for a new vacation, then Arizona off roading is truly an ideal spot for you. The real difficulty isn’t necessarily the trip, the real trouble comes with “wanting” to leave.

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