What Can You Really Fit in a Tool Box?

Unless you’re one of these guys, chances are you’re going to end up with a lot more tools than you ever will cars. By now you’ve likely moved on from that little red box you started with to something with a lot more space. Not content with just sticking a few socket wrenches and a screwdriver in there, the folks over at SGS Engineering decided to be a little more creative with the contents of their tool boxes and really test the limits of what they could get in there.

After finding they could fit just over seventy cans of Coca Cola in a regular fold-up, they moved on to stuffing 569 DVDs in an eight-drawer cabinet, and, of course, being Brits they just couldn’t help but finish off by seeing how many cans of baked beans they could cram in a monster, thirty-three drawer cabinet (it was 1,238, for the record).

Check out the full list to see all oddities they tried and give us your best estimates for any other items in the comments. Have any ideas about new tests they could try? Tweet them some suggestions or find them on Facebook.


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