The next big thing – compressed air cars!

Check out this video and you’ll see the next innovation that will shake up the auto industry. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are driving up fuel mileage, along with more efficient gasoline engines. But now by incorporating compressed air technology into the formula, we have a new source for clean power.

If you’re looking for a hybrid with superior mileage per gallon, then compressed air may be your thing. PSA Peugeot Citroen says its new C3 VTi 82 hatchback–which it unveils at a motor show next month–will go 81 miles, in optimum conditions. That’s compared to the Toyota Prius’s roughly 45 mile performance. And there’s no need for expensive, and heavy, lithium batteries. The compressed air system provides power as well as storage: as with other hybrids, it recovers energy from a gasoline engine when you brake or slow down.

Check out the video and this article and you’ll be amazed.


Ford Raptor jumps 90 feet

I’ve been off road on a Ford Raptor with a professional driver and it’s fun as hell, so I can really appreciate this cool video.

Hat tip: Guys Gab


Badass cars from ‘Death Race 3’

Check out this gallery of Death Race 3 cars from who was on location in South Africa for the filling of the third installment in the Death Race series. The car pictured about is Frankenstein’s Monster.


Jay Leno checks out the new Corvette Stingray

Here’s a great video from Jay Leno’s garage about the all-new C7, the badass 2014 Corvette Stingray. The new model is definitely a game-changer as opposed to some of the more evolutionary designs we’ve seen from Corvette.


BFGoodrich releases new g-Force Rival performance tire

BFGoodrich is releasing a new performance tire that can be pre-ordered today on It’s a step above its COMP-2 street tire but isn’t s pure racing tire like its R1 tire. Check out this review from the BFGoodrich track day about the merits of this tire. If you’re into autocross racing, you’re going to want to check this out.


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