Custom 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Convertible

Here’s a cool video we found from Fleming’s Ultimate Garage with this restored muscle car.

Porsche reports record sales for 2012

Porsche had a great year in 2012, and the new 911 Carrera S in the video above was one of the drivers of the sales growth.

Passenger view on a race track

Here’s a cool video from the passenger seat of a Ford Mustang FR500 at the New Orleans Motorsport Track doing a hot lap around the track with a professional driver at the wheel.

Mercedes Super Bowl ad with Kate Upton

We’re now in an era where Super Bowl ads debut online instead of during the game, so I guess that’s one of many reasons why Mercedes chose the beautiful and incredibly popular Kate Upton to star in its new ad for the Mercedes CLA. Many have commented, however, that the ad is rather boring. Yes, Kate looks great as usual, but is this the best they could come up with for the CLA, which looks like an impressive vehicle?

Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept at NAIAS

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Ford Atlas Concept at 2013 NAIAS
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Ford today unveiled the Ford Atlas Concept at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit. The Ford Atlas Concept was built to showcase the design, capability, fuel efficiency and smart technologies that will define future pickup trucks.

One of the more memorable unveilings at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show was another monster pickup truck from Ford. The Ford Atlas Concept give us a look at the potential future if the flagship Ford F-150. To say that Ford was aiming for a muscular and rugged design would be an understatement. The front grille in particular stood out as particularly bold. The Atlas Concept also sports the next-generation EcoBoost engine.

Acura unleashes the NSX Concept 2.0

NSX Concept

It’s definitely fun watching two sexy booth babes unveil a new supercar at an auto show. Acura definitely seems to have a winner with the updated version of their NSX Concept, this time having the interior ready as well for journalists to inspect. You can check out this NSX Concept gallery along with a video of the car, and then read up on some of the interior features here.

This concept vehicle definitely lives up to the supercar standards set by Acura with the first NSX. This vehicle is striking from every angle and definitely generated plenty of buzz.

How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting the Best Motorcycle Insurance?

Just got a new motorcycle? Fantastic! There are so many exciting things to see and do on a motorcycle that just aren’t the same in a car. But before you hit the road you need to take a hard look at your insurance policy. Coverage varies when relating to vehicles and term of protection on those vehicles. Is it adequate to protect your investment? Are you paying the best possible price? Is your insurance company a fan of motorcycles, or do they look at these vehicles as a liability? It’s necessary to ask yourself a lot of important questions regarding possible insurance policies and how they fit into your insurance needs. Here’s how to evaluate your current insurance and see where there’s room for improvement.

Low Price vs. Good Value

It’s tempting to shop for the lowest possible price on vehicle insurance, but you might pay for your thriftiness if you ever have a claim. Look for customer satisfaction ratings and company claims policies. It’s worth it to most motorcycle owners to pay a few more bucks for insurance knowing that they’ve got a solid company behind them if something does happen.

Know What Protection the Quote Includes

It’s important to be able to discern between what each insurance policy is offering you. There are three key terms to know when shopping for motorcycle insurance.

• Liability insurance covers any vehicle, person or property you hit with your bike. All states require a minimum of liability on any vehicle operating on public roads. Liability insurance does not cover your personal injuries or any damage to your bike or property. However, if another driver hits your motorcycle, their liability insurance should cover your damages.
• Collision insurance covers your vehicle and personal injuries in case of an accident. Collision covers everything liability covers plus the value of your bike, but only covers accidents on the roadway.
• Comprehensive insurance covers everything liability and collision cover, plus other incidents independent from traffic accidents. Comprehensive policies cover your bike in case of fire, vandalism, fallen trees and other mishaps.

When comparing quotes, make sure you compare apples to apples. Some companies charge as much for liability insurance on motorcycles as others charge for collision.

Don’t Stop With a Quote from Your Current Insurance Company

Another temptation for consumers is to simply add their motorcycle to their auto or homeowner’s policy without taking the time to get motorcycle insurance quotes. Every company has a different opinion of motorcycles, and some are more accepting than others. It’s possible that another insurance company is willing to offer a better deal than your current provider, which could potentially save you a great deal of money on your coverage. Review your policy every year or so to make sure your company is offering you competitive rates for your driving habits.

Cadillac ATS win North American Car of the Year award

A panel of 49 journalists gave this honor to the new Cadillac ATS that was revealed last year.

This is a pretty impressive entry for Cadillac, a brand that is working hard to rebuild its image.

GMC Conversion Vans

You may have heard the term “conversion van” floating around your head. It’s important to know the differences between the several types of vans out there. It will help you to determine which of van is perfect for you and your needs. So just what is a conversion van?

Basically, it is a full-size cargo van that has gone through different modifications to create a more functional van. Modifications are completed on the vans to maximize their functionality and produce more favorable conditions for customers. These conversions are generally done by third-parties, rather than the original manufacturer of the van.

History of the Conversion Van

The first vans of this type were first seen in the 70s and 80s. These early vehicles generally just had a few seats installed into the cargo area, often had custom artwork painted on the sides, and were popular with rock bands. Their ability to carry multiple passengers at the same time brought a great amount of appeal to the vans.

After the mid to late 80s, these vans started featuring more luxurious features such as padded seats, custom lighting, and wood trim. The features enhanced the driving experience for many of the owners and produced a more comfortable atmosphere in the interiors. In addition, families and older folks started using them as the ultimate camping and road trip autos.

These vans also started to see features such as sleeping quarters, cooking appliances, as well as televisions and DVD units.

These vans start as a full size, windowless ½- or ¾-ton cargo vans. For instance, GMC conversion vans may start with the GMC Savana or other such vehicle. Upgrades are added to these base models to “convert” them to a vehicle that will do more than just haul stuff around.

Four Types of Conversion Vans

Currently there are mainly four types of conversion vans:

Motorhomes that begin with a full-size cargo van that is then increased in length by a few feet. These vehicles feature camping and road trip friendly features such as, microwave, refrigerators, and toilets. These are very family friendly for long road trips. These are also still very popular with rock bands on tour

Disability vans have modifications that allow it to be wheelchair accessible, including a higher door clearance and roof height. Often these vans feature hydraulic lifts.

Office vans function as traveling offices complete with a desk and chair fastened to the floor. These types of vans are particularly popular among traveling salespeople.

Travel vans are perhaps the most popular today. They feature many of the comforts that make traveling pleasurable including beds, kitchen and cooking appliances, and storage cabinets. These vans also have equipment such as TVs and DVD players, as well as sound systems.

As you can see, there’s a conversion van for almost any need. If you are looking for such a van, you can find several companies that can help you.

Making Use of Online Appointment Opportunities

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More than one way is available today when making an appointment. Making annoying phone calls is becoming a relic from another time. Online appointment interfaces provide an instant form of communication and save valuable time for the more important things in life. Gone are the days of waiting to talk to someone when making an appointment with online appointment opportunities.

Comforts of Home or Anywhere

Whether it is a medical appointment or service, call time is saved with online appointment opportunities. A person does not have to leave their home or deal with people unless they want to, of course. They can even have groceries and other purchases delivered. Getting online to do things is growing in popularity because it is convenient. Get online at home on the family desktop or try the laptop at the hotel or a phone app while out to eat. Pay bills, watch a movie, work and much more is at a person’s fingertips. It is an online world making things a little easier.

Saving Time

Anyone that has played phone tag or missed a call back to set up an appointment will feel the benefits of online appointment making. Valuable time and opportunities can be lost in multiple missed calls. It saves time to get online, look up the service provider and have everything there to set up the appointment. Clients, customers and patients have an option to click on the service they want or go more in-depth as well as setting up the exact appointment all in one place. They have control with no waiting for someone to pick up the phone. No longer are people a slave to other’s when making an appointment. Online appointment programs create an independent functionality for users on both spectrums of the interface – making life easier for both the customer and the business.

Good for Business

All types of businesses are realizing getting online boosts sales and reaches more customers. Some businesses, such as Arbogast RVS, know their customers are busy and want to make providing services easier. This is a business that started as an automotive dealer then added on RV and Boat sales. Service calls are a big part of the customer relations this group provides. Having 24/7 online appointment making available is good for business and the customer. They have brought customer care into the internet age and put customer convenience as a priority, which many companies are today.

Request an Appointment Online

An online form requires contact and other information that varies by the user. Examples are:

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Best contact method (phone, email)
• Best contact time (morning, afternoon, evening)
• Reason for requesting a service call

Online appointment scheduling helps companies and organization reach out and create a perk for customers and potential clients. Efficiency is greatly improved and the need for time-wasting phone calls are virtually eliminated.

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