What’s your favorite James Bond car?

Here’s a very cool video montage of the awesome cars from the James Bond films. The variety is pretty stunning through the years, though the Aston Martin DB5 by far gets the most attention. As the Bond films started becoming huge cultural events, the film producers could count on the automakers to push hard to get their cars included, so that product placement became and important part of the Bond formula. Companies like BMW made sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

James Bond and his vintage Aston Martin DB5 get back together in “Skyfall.” The new film opens in the US next week and we’ll see Daniel Craig with the legendary vehicle. The beautiful gray version in the movie will likely end up on some cool new posters. If you want to dress up your walls with cool images you can do a lot worse than the legendary James Bond vehicles. If you combine it with slick frames by shopping at a poster frames depot you can get a very upscale look. It’s perfect for a den, garage or a man cave. Pick your favorite Bond cars and you’ll be off to a great start.


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