Turn Your Ride Into Your Mobile Office

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Everybody knows how great being on the road feels. With the rubber and the concrete under you, it’s easy to feel invincible and mighty. But what a lot of people forget about being on the road is that being on the road isn’t just a great feeling. It also gives you time to work. If you haven’t thought about your ride as the ultimate mobile office, read on.

Staying in Communication

One of the best things LG cell phones can do for you is keep you in touch with everyone you need to stay connected to. Regardless of where you travel or where they may happen to be, the most important people in your life can always reach you when you’re in your car. While the cell phone may have first become available in the early 80s, never before has its power been so complete.

This ultimate connectivity also keeps going through texting and the ability to check your email. With a mobile web browser added to the mix, you can stay in touch in more ways than ever before. Whereas you used to need a computer to keep up full communications, now as long as you have your phone, you’ve got the world at your fingertips.

The Open Door Policy

Usually, the open door policy is little more than a method to placate people in the workplace without really changing anything. Your boss knows that most people have very little to report that won’t either get them fired or contribute to a downright hostile workplace. Sadly, the way most companies work this is the best you can hope for. This is another great reason to get in your car and let your open door policy turn into something entirely different.

The new vision of the open door policy is a lot different than its general precursor. On the road, you’re the boss and your decisions are final. You can let this make you into a tyrant, or you can rule with a gentle hand on the wheel and a little give on the throttle. With the ability to stay in touch with everyone and get things done, you’re on your way in more ways than one.

Staying Organized the Easy Way

Today’s phone do a lot more than just letting you stay connected to people. You could do that with a phone years ago, but today you can do a whole lot more. Nowadays you can push the limits in yet another way by downloading a huge number of apps. There are more than just games available to you, though. You can also pick up ways to make every mile more productive, including apps to keep you supremely organized.

It’s not a very wise idea to take your eyes off the road too much, so anything that keeps you going smoothly from point A to all points thereafter is a good thing. Apps are what separate the ultimately productive driver from some kid on the side of the road rocking a set of training wheels. Apps accomplish the same task, but they give you way more flexibility.


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