ACB: Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Italia Vintage HRE wheels from eGarage on Vimeo.

Once again, HRE’s vintage wheels have made it onto Afternoon Car Break. This time though, we see the wheels in motion on a stunning Ferrari 458. Make sure to crank the volume at the end of the video (hint, hint). And for the full rundown on the wheels of the car, check the original post here.

2012 Kio Rio SX review on Bullz-Eye reviewed the 2012 Kia Rio SX. Check out what they had to say about the ride!

Kia decided on a new skin for the 2012 Kia Rio SX that clearly resembles the family of cars and SUVs on the road with the Kia logo. That is a good thing as the new Rio is very attractive and the smallest offering from Kia in 2012.

The signal red paint looked expensive on the Kia Rio SX and coupled with the flashy 17-inch tires, first impressions are good here my friends. The new look of the Rio is very stylish for a car that starts at $13,400 and our SX grabbed some notable looks from admirers. Included on our test model exterior were auto on/off headlights, LED positioning lights and tail lights, front fog lights and heated power folding mirrors with turn signal indicators. The 2012 Kia Rio SX is definitely one of the best looking B-cars on the road today.

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New Shelby Mustang 1000 to be revealed at NY Show

Things are heating up in the battle for horsepower supremacy and the 2012 Shelby Mustang 1000 seems to be the new champ. The 1000 moniker is there for the obvious reason with a staggering 1000 horses and that’s not a misprint my friends!


For some, the horsepower wars being waged by auto manufacturers over the past few years are getting a bit out of hand. A 550-hp factory Camaro? A 650-hp factory Mustang? Ridiculous. But if you count massive amounts of gas-guzzling horsepower and torque a crime (we don’t), then the worst of all offenders is perhaps Shelby. Last year at the New York Auto Show, the company unveiled its most powerful creation to date: the 2012 GT500 Super Snake, with up to 800 horsepower. And while 800 hp is just bonkers, Shelby’s next trick is even more insane.

Read the full article. reviews the 2013 Infiniti JX received the opportunity to review the 2013 Infiniti JX and below is what they had to say about the ride.

The crossover market is exploding, and CUVs with three rows are getting more popular as buyers with families look for options that can fit the kids and more adults.

We first saw Infiniti’s planned entry in this segment last year when they unveiled the all-new Infiniti JX concept at the Concours D’Elegance at Pebble Beach. We were impressed then with the look of this all-new vehicle, and last week we had the opportunity to drive it at the Infiniti drive event in picturesque Charleston, South Carolina.

The new JX is targeting buyers with kids who don’t want to sacrifice luxury and style, filling a gap in Infiniti’s crossover and SUV portfolio. The designers also emphasized space and flexibility in the interior along with cutting edge safety features.


The exterior of the JX looks sleek and stylish and is consistent with the design language we’ve come to expect from Infiniti, including the distinctive LED tail lamps. It’s a far cry from some of the boxier or bulkier vehicles from competitors that sport three rows. One new feature that we’ll be seeing more of is the crescent shaped rear side window which adds a nice touch to the vehicle. Overall, the look is a real winner that should be a huge hit with the target market.

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Lotus Teams Up With Mansory

Lotus has not had the smoothest of attempts to become a first class supercar producer. For example, they hired Swiss Beatz as a “brand ambassador.” So far, every move they make continue to drive home the point that they don’t want to make cars at all, just apparel with obnoxious branding on it.

Now, Lotus is taking another ill-aimed marketing swing with Mansory, producers of garish, ghastly aftermarket equipment. You may not know the name, but their products can be seen on an terribly modified Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.

Lotus is teaming up with Mansory for “bodywork, trim and special finishes” for their current product portfolio. The full result of this match-up won’t be seen until the Paris Auto Show, but I can guarantee that there will be outrage over it. Or, maybe Danny Bahar is just trolling auto enthusiasts and there is not partnership at all. What will actually be debuted in Paris is a proper successor to the Elise. One can only hope.

2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD Gallery is currently testing the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD and you can check out their gallery!

We’re testing the “bad to the bone” 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD in Army Green and we’re impressed. The looks are unique and the overall feel is fun with serious off-road capability at your fingertips. Keep an eye out for our full review on Bullz-Eye in the coming weeks.

Datsun coming back…just not here?

I know what Nissan is saying now but will Datsun eventually make it back to the US? Datsun is a great brand of the past which still has a loyal following so keep your eyes on this over the next decade.

From the Detroit Free Press:

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Nissan’s revival of the Datsun name won’t include developed markets, CEO Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday, outlining a strategy to target the revamped brand at emerging nations where the biggest growth is expected for affordable, stylish vehicles.

The offerings will be tailored for each market, including price and engine size, targeting the burgeoning market of first-time car buyers in countries such as India, Indonesia and Russia, where Datsun will be introduced in 2014, he said.

Executives gave few details, including specifics of Datsun models they had in the works.

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5 Cars That are Worth Waiting For

Just like with smartphones, consumers are always excited about the latest and greatest cars. This year – and looking out into 2013 and 2014 – we’ve got a great lineup of cars at every price point.

Photo Source: mikel w/CC license

2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI

If you’ve been waiting for a sexy sports car that’s also eco-friendly, hold on until February when the 2013 Mitsubishi Evo XI will be released. You’ll have all of the power that the Lancer series is known for, with a gas-and-electric combo motor. Since the Evo XI is going up in size slightly, it may prove to be formidable competition for the likes of players like Audi.
Starting Price: $34,451–$38,490

2012 Hyundai Veloster

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster may be a tiny little 3-door vehicle, but it’s still a car to be reckoned with. This beauty can get up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway with its 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. It’s not a hybrid, but the gas mileage is amazing just the same. This car is worth waiting for if you’re looking for a small, perky car that won’t cost a fortune to fill.
Starting Price: $20,000

Photo Source: Autoviva w/CC license

2012 Toyota FT-86 / Subaru 0846 Sports

It’s interesting to see a joint collaboration between Toyota and Subaru, and the results are noteworthy. Each brand has its own version of this 4-cylinder sports car. Its rear-drive platform balances with its light weight, making for smooth handling and a zippy feel. Look for it this summer.
Starting Price: mid $20,000s

BMW i3 Electric City Car

BMW is getting in on the electric wave of cars in 2012 with its i3 Electric City Car. Between its rear-mounted electric motor and the floor-mounted batteries, BMW says there’s a 160-mile range. Think it can’t hold much? Think again. You can utilize up to 14.1 cubic feet of storage space using the front trunk and space under the seats. There are rumors of wireless charging, as BMW is working to develop a magnetic-field charging system where you’d park above a charging station and don’t have to plug in.
Starting Price: $35,000

Photo Source: NRMA New Cars w/CC license

2012 Audi TT RS

Later this year, we’ll finally see an Audi TT with a top speed of 174 mph and enough power to get from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. The TT RS Coupe will offer a turbocharged 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine, with 360 hp. With speeds like that, you may need to check your auto insurance information and make sure your covered. The convertible version may not be available in the U.S., unfortunately. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, Audi will include a Fiberglas finish on the side mirrors and power folding for those busy city streets.
Starting price: $60,000


2012 Kizashi Sport Review on Bullz-Eye reviewed the 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS AWD, who says there’s something endearing about the Kizashi and the way it presents itself to drivers and passengers.

The midsize Kizashi looked great in premium platinum silver metallic with front fog lights, a more muscular front fascia with chrome accents and lower grille, body side sill extensions, lower body side molding with chrome accents, a trunk mounted spoiler, custom lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels and a 10mm lower ride height that provides a combination of improved aerodynamics and a lower center of gravity for enhanced performance and sharper handling. Together with the sleek design of the Kizashi, these options make this midsize sedan a real head-turner on the road.

But for as good as the 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS AWD exterior might be, the deal-closer could be the upscale interior. I totally agree that Suzuki has taken advantage of its expertise in the compact car segment to efficiently execute spacious interior proportions that afford comfort and practicality while minimizing wasted space. Along with cabin proportions that reward Kizashi drivers and passengers with comfort and roominess, Suzuki provides a contemporary, upscale interior feel (including standard sport seats) in line with the vehicle’s on-road performance characteristics. Our test model boasted a sport design steering wheel, dual-zone auto climate control, sport seats with premium cloth, 10-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support, moonroof and hands free Bluetooth calling with wireless audio streaming and 425Watt Rockford Fosgate CD audio 10 speakers, and iPod & mp3 USB Port.

Read the full review here.

ACB: Corvette’s 60th Birthday Party

Before everybody pretends to be Irish tomorrow, lets take some time out of the day and celebrate something truly American: the Chevrolet Corvette.

60 years ago, the Corvette debuted with lukewarm sales and was going to get cancelled shortly thereafter. However, a redesign and some power courtesy of the iconic Chevy small block turned the tides on the sales chart. 60 years on we are now celebrating an icon with the same formula: a big V8 with pushrods up front and a leaf spring suspension out back.

Here’s hoping the new Corvette will continue in its predecessors footsteps.

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