Harley Davidson Launches Two New Models

Coming off the success of such bikes as the Blackline and Forty-Eight, Harley Davidson has made two additions to their Blackline range. These bikes continue the theme of taking styling cues from the past and bringing them up to the present, and offer an extra dose of attitude to the bikes they are based off of.

The first bike is the Seventy-Two. This Sportster-based model tutilizes narrow white wall tires, high handlebars, and chrome for miles to take this bike all the way back to the 60s west coast chopper scene. To top the bike off, it is available in a deep candy red paint that requires an extensive painting process and metallic flakes seven times larger than average.

The second bike is the Softail Slim. Sporting a period style “Hollywood” handle bar, slimmed down fenders, and retro gauges, the Softail Slim evokes the bobbers of the 1940s and 1950s. Opposed to the Seventy-Two’s sparkling red paint, the Softail Slim is coated in a healthy dose of flat black paint that is reminiscent of the hot rod style found back in ’50s.

A more detailed write up is coming soon as Bullz-Eye will be joins Harley Davidson in Miami to experience these two new bikes firsthand. Can’t wait to see how that candy red paint sparkles in the sunlight.


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