Bentley Unveils New Range of V8 Powered Continentals

Usually when automakers “go green” their product includes electric motors and a heaping helping of tepid performance. Bentley is not one of these automakers. In order to improve their range of cars to meet new emission and mileage requirements, Bentley has engineered a new V8 engine to slot into their Bentley Continental GT and GTC.

This new twin-turbocharged motor displaces 4.0liters and produces 500hp and 487lb. ft. of torque. Direct injection, low restriction turbos, and variable valve timing also play a part in to help the Continental slash emissions and raise mileage by 40%.

Bentley is quick to point out that the V8 is just as refined as the W12 as well. So not only can you enjoy the perpetual thrust of traditional Bentley motors, but also hold your nose up to Prius drivers as well since you too are also saving the planet. But if you absolutely must have the W12, don’t worry, it is still available alongside the V8. No need to get your Saville Row suit in a bunch, the new V8 Bentley Continentals have everything you love about Bentley, with more efficiency than ever before .


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