2012 Looks to be a Year of Growth for the Global Auto Industry!

The New Year is upon us and all signs point to a stronger 2012 in regards to auto sales. Forecasts call for growth on a global scale with luxury vehicles leading the way and that means profits for GM, Nissan and the rest of the global players. Keep an eye out for Bullz-Eye.com’s 20 Cars to watch out for in 2012 and let’s hope the sales momentum from last year takes us to a better place in 2012!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Global auto sales will grow 6.7% this year with growth projected in all major markets but Europe, according to automotive consulting firm R.L. Polk.

Worldwide new vehicles sales are forecast to reach 77.7 million this year, with China accounting for the largest portion of the increase. New vehicle sales are expected to reach 17.9 million this year in the world’s largest auto market, up 16% from 2011, according to Polk.

The U.S. market is poised to expand to 13.7 million this year, up from about 12.8 million in 2011, with the luxury market as the fastest growing segment, increasing by more than 14%.

That bodes well for Ford and General Motors, which are working to restore their Lincoln and Cadillac brands to former glory. Both will unveil important new cars next week at the North American International Auto Show in at Cobo Center.

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