Basketball fun in the driveway

Americans love their cars, and all across this country you’ll see driveways full of vehicles. We proudly wash them on the weekends and our cars always say something about us.

But there’s one thing that can consistently clear driveways all across the suburbs of America, and that’s a friendly basketball game in the driveway. We love basketball and it’s such a popular sport with kids and adults alike. And because we love our cars, most people are smart enough to move the cars as far away as possible from the game, usually onto the street.

This tradition is a long one, with hoops often put on the garage years ago. But with the advent of poles, you could place the hoop away from the house or garage, which put much less strain on the house and the ears of parents.

We’ve seen big improvements in in-ground basketball goals over the years, and now many of them are adjustable so that the little ones can play as well.

So as you’re thinking about your holiday gifts, you might not be able to afford a Lexus wrapped in a bow for your wife, but you can probably swing a cool new hoop for your kids. Just make sure to move the car to the street!


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