Car sales keep rolling

It seems like even the auto industry has gotten Black Friday fever, as auto sales were very strong in November, and they were particularly strong over the Thanksgiving Day weekend across America. The rush of car buyers enabled the automobile industry post an annual U.S. sales rate of 13.6 million vehicles this past November, the strongest performance since August of 2009 when the “cash for clunkers” program was in effect and helped to turbocharge sales.

What’s driving this in the US? The economy is definitely starting to get better. The news from Europe seems to keep holding things back, but companies seem to be hiring as well as we’ve seen from the better employment numbers. So consumers are definitely feeling better. But we also have a situation where there are fewer used cars after the slump of recent years, so now used car prices are higher. This pushes demand to new cars and also helps with trade-ins. So we’re finally in a good situation for the car industry.

We’re also in a situation where the auto companies have hit a good grove. The products are getting better as everyone has had a wake-up call and unnecessary brands and models have been cut.

In the UK the news isn’t as good, as the economy there is having a tougher time and the situation in Europe can’t be helping consumer confidence. So you have a better chance of finding new car deals over there. As usual, do your homework and read all the UK car reviews if you’re shopping in that market.


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