2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Debuts

In 2002 Ferrari debuted their greatest supercar, the Enzo, with 651hp from a precision-tuned V-12. Now, only 9 years later, you can buy a Ford Mustang with the same amount of power, and nearly the same top speed. This Mustang is the 2013 GT500.

For 2013, Ford has updated the Mustang GT500 to go head to head with its crosstown rival the Camaro ZL1. But instead of trying to play fair with the 540hp uber Camaro, Ford engineers decided to go for broke and offer the new GT500 with a monstrous 650hp. Oh, and it also goes 202mph. 202mph!

To handle the colossal amount of thrust from its 5.4 liter supercharged lump, some extra modifications have been made as well: a carbon fiber drive shaft has been added, a sturdier transmission has been put in, and there is now an electronic launch control feature to help you wallop the ‘Stang off the line at with face melting precision. I cannot wait to see how effective these are in containing the ridiculous amount of power, though.

The price will probably a bit higher than the current GT500’s price of $49,000, but that is a far cry from the Enzo’s $1 million dollar asking price, and cheaper than even its competitor the ZL1. In fact, if you want to rationalize it further, its the cheapest way to get to 200mph. That’s a Black Friday caliber deal if I ever saw one. Of course not everyone can afford this new beast, and many of you will settle for a used Ford Mustang for sale, but for those of you with the budget, these are exciting times!


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