Direct Line = Multi-car insurance discounts for you!

Direct Line = Multi-car insurance discounts for you!

In this day and age of frugality car insurance rates are getting customers attention and that’s a good reason to take a look at Direct Line Multi Car Insurance. With Direct Line if you insure more than one car you’ll benefit from Direct Line’s multi-car discount. They give you a 10% discount off your household’s second or subsequent vehicles that are insured with Direct Line for the first year of the policy and 5% at renewal and every year after that. Those are the type of saving folks are looking for and that has alot to do with Direct Line’s growing business.

Other benefits with switching to Direct Line include that if you’re hit by an uninsured driver they’ll cover your excess and your no claims discount won’t be affected ( if it’s not your fault), 24/7 Accident recovery helpline for all insured cars and since Direct Line knows you can’t always protect your cars from vandals, Vandalism coverage comes as standard and preserves your No Claims Discount (go to Direct Line to learn more) for all cars on your insurance policy!

From what we can see Direct Line is well worth looking into for those readers with more than one vehicle to insure.


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