Top 7 New Car Models for 2012

Fiat 500.

Buying a new car is still one of life’s most exciting moments, and with 2012 just around the corner, the new models are starting to hit the show floors right now. Everyone has an idea about what makes the perfect car, but no matter which model you choose, 2012 cars are the first to have to comply with the stricter gas usage requirements (an average of 33.3 mpg) set by the National Highway Safety Administration.

Here are seven 2012 models from traditional car manufacturers that are anything but traditional.

Volkswagen Golf R:
Good gas mileage and Volkswagen have always gone hand in hand. The Golf R model promises to continue that tradition, plus include all-wheel drive and a six-speed transmission.

Ford Fiesta ST
To make the Fiesta stand out, Ford is including racing seats, speed-rated tires, dual exhaust, and a sporty 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine for some serious get up and go.

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster.

The Veloster is a light-weight car that gets 40 mpg out of its four-cylinder fuel-injected engine. The weight was kept low by dropping a door—the Veloster has a driver door on one side and two passenger doors on the other—which gives the car an unusual sports car look.

Mitsubishi Evo XI
Mitsubishi wanted to meet the new mpg requirements and appeal to those “green” minded consumers out there without giving up the all-wheel drive and high-performance sporty feel. The Evo XI does all that for those who want to be green but still drive a great-looking car.

Audi A7 Quattro
Audi has long been associated with sporty cars, and this four-door sport coupe handles like a dream. The all-wheel drive and supercharged V6 engine are just icing on the cake.

Fiat 500 Sport
If you like your cars small and fast, the Fiat 500 Sport will keep you happy with a 1.4 liter V4 engine and responsive handling.

BMW ActiveE
Green is a catch phrase these days, and there are many car models out there that are supposed to be green—meaning they show improvement in environmental impact over their predecessor models. BMW is worth mentioning here because the company is working toward some truly innovative tech ideas that will make a green vehicle both practical and affordable.

The BMW ActiveE has a 125 kilowatt engine and a 32 kilowatt hour battery pack that will go about 100 miles between charges. Even more exciting is the progress BMW is making toward wireless charging—the same technology used in laptops and cell phones—that will do away with having to plug in to charge the battery.

These days, consumers are not only concerned with the impact gas prices have on their wallet and lifestyle, they’re looking at the whole vehicle picture, starting with an auto insurance quote and ending with environmental impact. The new 2012 models will let them have it all. 


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