Mazda CX-5 Debut

Mazda has debuted their new CX-5 ahead of schedule. It was supposed to be at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but apparently they just couldn’t wait to take the covers off. This model is significant for two reasons. First, this is the first iteration of Mazda’s new design direction, “Kodo.” It supposedly means “soul of motion”, but Mazda has said current Mazdas.

Secondly, the CX-5 features Mazda’s SkyActiv systems. Skyactiv is the furthest Mazda believes traditional internal combustion engines can be pushed. It has direct injection, a 14:1 compression ratio, and a few other tricks. SkyActiv is not just engines though, it optimizes the entire car for fuel efficiency, including cutting weight and tuning the transmission for maximum mileage. The CX-5 is the first to receive this treatment, but these engines should be available in all Mazdas. A traditional gas engine will probably be available here in the U.S. as standard, and Europe also gets the choice of a diesel.

Mazda wipes the smile off of the CX-5’s face and gives it some serious tech. Can’t wait to see what Kodo and SkyActiv could bring to the Mazda 3 and next-gen RX-8.


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