Ariel to Start Making Motorcycles

British manufacturer of the banzai, “road legal” Ariel Atom are set to produce a limited run of motorcycles. I use the term road legal in quotes, because the Atom is little more than some scaffolding and a seat with a screaming Honda inline 4 in the back, but is still street legal. You can even have it supercharged if you are the type of person that fights bears for fun. The car has been a sales hit since it is the purest driver’s car on sale today.

This is not the first time Ariel has produced bikes. The first incarnation of Ariel was in 1902 and produced only motorcycles. In 1970 they were purchased by BSA, but operations stopped shortly thereafter. In 1991, current president Simon Saunders bought the rights and began producing cars in 2001, namely the Atom.

The bike is set to be produced in limited number and will not be an all out superbike, but “more fun” in Saunder’s words. Like the Atom, the new motorcycle will also use Honda engines. Since the bike will be produced in small numbers, customers will have the opportunity to modify the bike to their own tastes. These type of bespoke bikes do not come cheap, so expect this new Ariel to be priced around $25-30 thousand dollars. Quite a price to pay for exclusivity.

If Ariel can bring the same type of magic that turned Jeremy Clarkson’s face into pudding to their motorcycles, the result should be a riot.

Source: MCN


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