New 911 Uncovered

The new 911 is set to launch next year, and now we have our best look yet on whats to come. Visually, not much will change over the last generation, the 997. The new 911, code-named 991, will feature shorter overhangs, the addition of the ever-trendy LED running lights, redesigned headlights, and overall smoothing of the bodywork.

Not much is known about what will be under the hood, but estimates claim that the motor will be a 3.4 liter boxer 6, with around 340hp. Also, the 911 will have a longer wheelbase and a more Panameresque interior. The wheelbase change is significant since Porsche is trying to make the 911 roomier on the inside, and more stable to drive. Hopefully, these changes will not change the 911’s driving dynamics too much.

The new 911 is set to debut at this year’s Frankfurt Auto show.


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