How to beat high gas prices

Here are some tips on how to battle high gas prices by improving your gas mileage. Here’s on of the tips:

Keep your car

Buying a new car may not be financially viable at this time so keeping your current car may be your only option. However, there are a variety of things you can do to ensure you are getting the most mileage possible. First, perform scheduled maintenance. Make sure to replace all items specified by your owner’s manual according to the schedule, especially such things as oxygen sensors, fuel filters, air filters and spark plugs. Also, make sure your fluids like oil and coolant are up to date. These items will keep your car operating at optimum efficiency and will guarantee that you are getting every advertised mile out of a gallon of gas. Also, if your tires need replacing, look into a set of low rolling resistant tires. There are a variety of brands out there and you can check car tire sites to see if such tires are available for your make and model of vehicle. Most importantly, check the air pressure in all your tires since low tire pressure will adversely affect your mileage.


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