Join Chrysler on the “Road to Literacy!”

The “Road to Literacy” campaign is a Facebook-based campaign committed to improving literacy in schools across the country. Chrysler is enlisting the help of consumers to participate in the program via Facebook and test drives of the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country minivan at their local dealer. When you participate in a test drive, five books will be sent to the school of your choice and five books will be sent to a school in need. It’s that easy!

How Can You Get Involved: To participate, visit the “Road to Literacy” Facebook page and click on the “Donate Books” tab. Each participant will be asked to enter the school they would like to receive the book donation. Once the school has been selected, consumers can choose a local dealer to complete a test drive of the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country. Once the test drive at the local dealer is complete, the participant will be given a “unique donation dealer code” to be entered on the Facebook site. Once the code is entered by the participant, five books will be sent to their school of choice and five books will be sent to a school in need. The Chrysler Town & Country Facebook page offers a tracking tool to monitor the book donation progress and see which school is logging the most donations.

The Chrysler Brand will donate up to 150,000 books, and we would love to see your favorite schools be a part of this wonderful program! The program runs through June 1 and any school (pre-school – high school) in the U.S. is eligible and encouraged to join. To see promotion rules or to learn more about the program, please visit our Facebook page.


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