Panzani releases new design for Jaguar S-Type Vintage GT makes a good observation that the Panzani design “goes all Deathstar” with the Jaguar S-Type Vintage GT. It’s a pretty interesting-looking ride.

For better or worse, nothing is quite as divisive as modern Jaguar design. The current XF is controversial enough in its own right, but the S-Type that came before was even more so. With its pinched grille and comically retro lines, the S-Type was the very antithesis of the model that followed. So how about making the old girl even more of a love-it or hate-it affair? Not an easy task, but Panzani Design has clearly risen to the challenge.

Reaching back a few years to when the S-Type was still around, the Italian tuner has given the retro Jag saloon such up-to-date features as 20-inch wheels mounted on a track widened by 10 centimeters and enormously flared arches to accommodate them. There’s also a new front bumper with integrated LEDs, a carbon fiber hood with vents, mesh lamp covers, side skirts, spoiler, diffuser, little round mirrors and what looks to be a very intricately crafted interior.

The result is all decked out in matte gray and called the Vintage GT. It may not be your cup of tea, but it’s worth a second glance, so check it out in the gallery below for all the angles.

Check out more photos.


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