GM Owns February 2011 with a 46% Gain!

The General came in big last month with a whopping 46% gain compared to February 2010. We’ll be watching to see if GM can keep up the pace or if another leader will rise in 2011.

From Detroit News:

February marked the strongest U.S. car and truck sales pace since August 2009, according to figures compiled by AutoData Corp.

Should the pace keep up, the year’s sales would total 13.4 million.

The Detroit Three automakers today all reported double-digit sales gains in February from a year ago, led by General Motors Co.’s healthy 46 percent gain.

GM totaled 207,028 cars and trucks sold under the Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet and Buick brands and fared much better than crosstown rival Chrysler Group LLC, which reported a 13 percent increase in its February sales at 95,102 vehicles.

Read the full article.


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