Lincoln MKT “Town Cars” on the way!

Lincoln will keep the “Town Car” nameplate on limos after discussing the decision with those who operate livery businesses. Smart move on Ford’s part as the Town Car is iconic in the limo business and the Lincoln MKT is the perfect vehicle to take the torch and run with it! We reviewed the Lincoln MKT and we walked away very impressed with this top of the line luxury SUV so it’s not a surprise that the new black limo’s riding around the country will be Lincoln MKT Town Cars!

From the Detroit Free Press:

Lincoln debuted new limousine and livery versions of its Lincoln MKT large crossover today at the International Limousine Charter and Tour show in Las Vegas.

The new vehicles will replace the Lincoln Town Car, which will be discontinued later this year, but the Town Car name will live on.

Ford has named its new livery and limousine vehicles the Lincoln MKT Town Car.

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