How good is the new 2012 Ford Focus?

The logo for Ford Motor Company is displayed at the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place in Chicago on February 9, 2011. UPI/Brian Kersey

I’ve read some pretty good reviews of the 2012 Ford Focus but Scott Burgess over at now claims the car is the “single best compact car in the world.” That is a very strong endorsement of this new Focus and I can neither agree or disagree because we haven’t reviewed the new Focus yet but this surely raises the bar for her rivals.

Burgess goes on and on about the eye catching looks, nice little touches and just about everything else that has anything to do with the new Focus. If car buying consumers come even close to agreeing with Burgess the new Ford Focus could be a Grand Slam for the Blue Oval!

Everything is all upside-down.

When January sales figures arrived last week, the automotive conventional wisdom was spun on its head. The Ford Fusion outsold the Honda Accord. Chevrolet sold nearly 30 percent more Cruzes than Toyota sold Priuses. What’s going on?

For years, millions of people have been saying American automakers couldn’t make a decent car. That only proves the point that millions of people can be wrong.

Now, Ford Motor Co. is rolling the 2012 Focus out to dealerships. This car will prove yet another point: Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne builds the single best compact car in the world.

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