Audacity for the DJ in You

Not everyone who enjoys creating their own mixed music sounds is a full-fledged DJ. On the other hand, you don’t always have to be stuck with the versions that Ares Galaxy provides for you. Often even the most simple ideas can be enhanced by using the cool options that the Audacity download provides. So what exactly could you use it for?

Make Grandma a mixed audio birthday greeting that includes your voice, singing one of her favorite oldies
Create your own wild and wacky ringtones instead of paying a company who may have used Audacity to make theirs anyway
Create your own party tunes so that when party time arrives, you aren’t stuck in the DJ booth while everyone else enjoys your hard work, and musical talents
Being a DJ means you have to do anything and everything you can to avoid dead air. Use Audacity to remove those dead spots and keep the party jumping
You can take a pre-recorded live version of any song and remove the cheers, screams, and other unrelated noise to create your own sound booth sounding audio
Create your own listen-while-you-wait tune for your cell phone callers
That isn’t all you can do with Audacity. As a DJ, if you are trying to advertise yourself and your skills in hopes of attaining a higher paying or more enjoyable position, try creating your own DJ demo tape with Audacity. The filter options and settings will give even an extremely novice user the help and skills they need to create audio masterpieces that sound straight out of Hollywood.

In addition, do not forget all of the options Audacity offers. Who is to say that you can’t be the next most skilled DJ of the year? Perhaps even create your own original mix that could be the next top hit. Need another idea? Try creating video game music. There is a hot industry that allows for everyday users to submit original soundtracks to include in up and coming video games.


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