Open Source Code Takes Over the World!

One day, that could be a reality! Unlike the other big boys in the programming world, open source projects strive to provide value at the best possible cost, absolutely free. As the world at large becomes more aware of this new trend in the application’s arena, their increasing market share will only get larger, faster. Here are a few reasons why you should jump on the open-source band wagon:

The Open Source Community is Inclusive

When was the last time you felt one of the electronic giants really cared about what you wanted? The open source community not only cares what you think, but they actively recruit new members to their projects. If you don’t know how to code in a relevant language, it’s OK. You can always help test a new version or simply give your idea for a new feature.

The Open Source Community is, Well, Open

Could you imagine Microsoft of Apple handing you the source code to one of their products? Unless you have a couple million to spare, it ain’t happening. Anyone can get a copy of any open source code application. Want to change it? No problem. Thinking about bundling it with your product and selling it? Go right ahead!

Get Anything You Need

As the open source movement has become more mature, users have discovered they can find almost anything in the available list of programs. Need something like Microsoft Office? Simply use OpenOffice. Need a great compression and extraction tool for zipped files? The 7 Zip program works better than anything you could buy! If you’re creating multi media files or graphic images, give GIMP, Blender, or Xvid a try! Best of all, open source code programs are created by well-respected companies and developers. According to the rules, each one is spam and virus free.

Why not try an open-source program today?


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