2011 Dodge Durango Car Review

Bullz-Eye.com reviews the 2011 Dodge Durango!

The Dodge Durango is back as a 2011 model after being sidelined for a short time, and I had the opportunity to test drive the new SUV in the beautiful setting of the San Francisco bay area. While Dodge retained essential elements like three rows of seating and towing capacity in this third generation of the Durango, the new version sports sleek styling and an improved driving experience that should broaden the appeal of the vehicle.

The older Durangos looked and felt like trucks, offering a very practical option to drivers with large families or an active lifestyle. With its towing capacity, it’s always been a great option for boaters or campers. None of that has changed, but the driving experience has been made much more comfortable with the improved interior and the much-improved ride and handling. I drove the vehicle around the picturesque winding roads near San Francisco and came away very impressed. It’s amazing how far SUVs, and now large SUVs, have come in recent years. While the ride won’t necessarily match that of some of the newer crossovers, it’s close enough where the Durango should get serious consideration by large families in the suburbs as well.

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