Taking Hold of Your Education Software with Open Office

When you first arrive at a college campus, your wallet is likely to be torn open like a six-year-old’s birthday present. From tuition to housing to books and more, there’s always something more to spend on. Further, you’ll often be expected to purchase and learn a variety of new computer programs. On this last note, the open source community has some tools to help you. When it comes to word processing and other basic document creation, there’s no educational resource quite so powerful as Open Office.

What Is Open Office?

Most of us grew up on either the “Microsoft Office” suite, or at least some variation thereof (Word Perfect, for example). However, these commercial products limit the access to other file types to maintain a “domain.” Not so with Open Office. You can easily open, edit, and even publish to a variety of different document formats.

As an “open source” product, Open Office is also completely free of charge, and it sees rapid, intelligent support from the active open source development community.

Using Open Office for Education

Having Open Office helps the first few days of your higher education by saving you a noticeable amount of money. However, its real advantages can be seen in the following features:

-You can customize your own shortcut keys and commands to quickly repeat common actions in your documents.

-You can create advanced spreadsheets, presentation documents, and richly formatted word documents, helping you on your way to an A.

-You can format your files as any standard format your professors require.

-You can open any file format your professors throw at you.

-You can load the entire program, including your settings and shortcuts, onto a single thumb drive using Open Office Portable.

There are plenty of other features as well, but there’s little doubt that OpenOffice is among the best pieces of modern educational technology currently available.


Open Source Code Takes Over the World!

One day, that could be a reality! Unlike the other big boys in the programming world, open source projects strive to provide value at the best possible cost, absolutely free. As the world at large becomes more aware of this new trend in the application’s arena, their increasing market share will only get larger, faster. Here are a few reasons why you should jump on the open-source band wagon:

The Open Source Community is Inclusive

When was the last time you felt one of the electronic giants really cared about what you wanted? The open source community not only cares what you think, but they actively recruit new members to their projects. If you don’t know how to code in a relevant language, it’s OK. You can always help test a new version or simply give your idea for a new feature.

The Open Source Community is, Well, Open

Could you imagine Microsoft of Apple handing you the source code to one of their products? Unless you have a couple million to spare, it ain’t happening. Anyone can get a copy of any open source code application. Want to change it? No problem. Thinking about bundling it with your product and selling it? Go right ahead!

Get Anything You Need

As the open source movement has become more mature, users have discovered they can find almost anything in the available list of programs. Need something like Microsoft Office? Simply use OpenOffice. Need a great compression and extraction tool for zipped files? The 7 Zip program works better than anything you could buy! If you’re creating multi media files or graphic images, give GIMP, Blender, or Xvid a try! Best of all, open source code programs are created by well-respected companies and developers. According to the rules, each one is spam and virus free.

Why not try an open-source program today?


Online Backups: Pros and Cons

The growth in online backup sites has been phenomenal. While it’s wonderful that everyone has finally got with the program and decided backing up their important data should be a regular routine, there’s still some confusion about online backups. While nothing is completely foolproof, a few distinct advantages come with this service.

Virtually No Hardware Worries

If you backup your data to your own disks or hard-drive, it’s better than nothing. However, these items can become lost or damaged. A fire or other disaster that destroys your home computer will definitely do the same to any external storage media if it’s not kept at an off-site location. An online backup provider will generally have redundant servers and locations in case of a hardware failure. Unless the entire company shuts down, you have virtually no risk of losing your data due to an equipment malfunction.

Access Your Data from Anywhere

While you can use programs like Tight VNC or other free open source software to access your data from a remote device at any location, this plan isn’t foolproof. If your Internet service is down or your power goes out, you won’t be able to connect through any type of desktop software. It doesn’t even have to be a major catastrophe! Something as simple as one of the kids turning the computer off can mean you can’t access a critical file just when you need it the most.

Use a Secure Connection

One drawback of using online backups is that you need a secure connection for file transfers. While the ftp protocol that sits behind many services is pretty good, the best policy is to use Putty when using File zilla to ensure a completely secure connection. Without this security feature, an innovative hacker could intercept your personal information as the data is being stored. This would be even worse than losing every single file on your system!

Remember to backup your system today!


Bullz-Eye drives a 2011 Chrysler 200 from New Orleans to Dallas

As part of the “Game On” Blogger Road Trip, Bullz-Eye will be heading down to the big game in Dallas in style behind the wheel of a 2011 Chrysler 200. This will be fun, as we’re going to first fly into New Orleans then hit the road with destination Dallas to meet up with other media and bloggers to discuss our experiences in the all new Chrysler 200, tailgate in style and then enjoy the biggest show on Earth! The Chrysler 200 drive has been chronicled by many, so follow Bullz-Eye on Twitter for updates and stories worth telling along the way.

Chrysler is gearing up with a slew of new products and we were fortunate enough to check them out at the North American International Auto Show. Everyone knows about the Chrysler 300 but this drive is all about the newbie Chrysler 200. Driving the 2011 Chrysler 200 from New Orleans to Dallas will give us an up-close view of how well this new car performs, rides and how it’s received along the way to the Big D!

Bullz-Eye isn’t the only ones hitting the road in the Chrysler 200. Follow the coverage from other bloggers!


Toyota takes another one on the chin!

Toyota displays their cars and trucks at the 2011 North American International Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit on January 11, 2011. UPI/Brian Kersey

Toyota takes another one on the chin with a massive worldwide recall! These headlines keep opening the door wider for other auto companies to garner market share from a once Unstoppable Juggernaut. Times change fast and if your Toyota you can’t like what you see in the rearview mirror especially if they are new Chrysler’s, Ford’s, Nissan’s and BMW’s!!!

From AutoNews.com:

TOKYO — Toyota Motor Corp., struggling to restore its reputation for top quality, today recalled nearly 1.7 million vehicles globally for a variety of fuel system related problems, including 245,000 Lexus IS and Lexus GS sedans in the United States.

The North American vehicles are being called back to inspect for possibly faulty installation of fuel pressure sensors. In cases where the sensor is not fastened tightly enough, fuel can leak between the gasket that connects the sensor to the fuel delivery pipes, Toyota said.

Lexus dealers in the United States will inspect vehicles for fuel leaks. If none is found, they will tighten the sensor. If leaks are confirmed, the gasket will be replaced and the sensor tightened.

Read the full article.


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