Saving Money with Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars offer a ‘green peace of mind’ if you care about the environment and that may be enough to convince many to trade in their SUV’s. But, eco-conscience aside, there has been some criticism that most hybrid cars have no payback when gas prices are low. Some skeptics say the extra money on the sticker price doesn’t come back to the consumer in the form of fuel savings.

Lucky for the industry (and the planet), there is one hybrid car that just might win over the naysayers because it actually costs less than the full gasoline version of the same model. In a recent study, researchers looked at the estimated fuel costs of 16 hybrid cars over their sticker price and any applicable financing fees, and were surprised to find one car that pays the owner back and then some: the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S 400 Hybrid.

It’s a hybrid version of its gas-powered counterpart, and costs around $5,000 less over a five year period. In the U.S., it is the most inexpensive S-class Mercedes available, and currently the only one in its class with a V-6, instead of the typical V-8 engine. It’s every bit as luxurious, despite its cost-saving characteristics.

The car gets 27 miles per gallon, which is great for its class. Mercedes has embraced hybrid technology in recent years, and is considering making its S-class of cars available in the U.S. as hybrids only within the next couple of years.

While buying a hybrid isn’t all about the payback, consumers might be more motivated if they know they’ll be doing a good thing for the planet, and that their investment will pay off. Saving a few dollars for favorite pastimes and hobbies such as movies, music, and playing online casino games might be enough of an incentive to win over a larger share of the market.


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