Carpooling Will Reduce Your Auto Costs

Carpooling is one of the best ways to transport yourself and a co-worker to the office. Pooling your regular transport habits saves precious natural resources. Both you and your carpooling pal will individually save on gas, oil changes, tire purchases, brakes, and other repair jobs such as mufflers. Consequently, while your other co-workers are struggling to keep up with their car repair bills as they drive to work on New York’s roads, you can get a step ahead in the money saving game. Your repair bills might not be reduced in sum total, but they will be spread out over a much greater number of years, reducing your annual costs substantially. That’ll pay for a few meals at a nice restaurant! Plus, in the event that your car needs a few days in the shop while a repair job is completed, it’s handy to have a regular transportation alternative already set up.

Another way that carpooling can save you money is by reducing the total number of miles you drive each year. Since insurance is calculated based on numerous variables, including mileage driven per week, it is possible to drop your rate by making a call to your agent and informing them that you now drive half as many work miles as you used to drive. Get in touch with your preferred auto insurance Albany agent and see what policy reductions they can offer you for your environmentally and pocketbook-friendly choice.

So go ahead, start carpooling as soon as you can find a suitably located work buddy, and be sure to call your insurance agent. If they can’t save you money for the fewer miles traveled, you will at least have the original savings in your pocket in the form of reduced auto repair bills. And that’s something anyone can enjoy, whether they’re driving to work regularly or commuting to a friend’s house in Syracuse.


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