2011 Ford Edge Review

The Bullz-Eye.com car staff recently reviewed the 2011 Ford Edge and this is what they had to say:

The crossover market continues to grow rapidly, and Ford will be poised to capitalize on that trend with the 2011 Ford Edge. The original Edge was a hit for Ford partly due to its aggressive and distinctive styling, and the new 2011 model features a larger and bolder front grille that suits the vehicle nicely. Plus, a new Sport edition will give the guys something to get excited about with the Tuxedo Black grille and the 22-inch wheels that you won’t find anywhere else in this class. The new Edge is also the first Ford model to feature Ford’s new MyFord Touch system, which highlights Ford’s aggressive strategy to leverage technology and the Internet to make the driving experience safer and more integrated with the gadgets you use in everyday life.

We were invited to drive the new Edge in and around Nashville, and the route selected by Ford offered a nice opportunity to test the handling and performance of the vehicle with winding roads through the beautiful hills and woods of Tennessee. We were impressed with both the Limited version and the new Edge Sport . Both offered impressive handling and acceptable acceleration. Each version offers a very comfortable ride that will appeal to buyers in this category, and the ride on the Sport was tighter with a noticeable improvement in performance. The Edge Sport in particular handled curves and turns very well, so this model should appeal to guys looking for more performance that complements the more aggressive styling.

Read the full review here.


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