Matte Black Infiniti G37 revealed

Check out this Matte Black Infiniti G37 by Access Evolution and rethink your previous thoughts on Matte finish. Our friends at bring up some great points regarding the detail of this car but we must part ways on the wheels. We feel they look great and really set off the car! The wheels are the work of Forgiato and the bright green calipers are from Access Evolution.

Probably won’t ever see this in person but if our readers do please send over a pic!

We’ll be honest, we thought this whole matte black car craze would die out sooner than it has. We’re getting tired of seeing yet another poorly-done flat black car, but damn if this Infiniti G37 sedan doesn’t just look incredible. With the facelift on the new G37 sedan, we’ve been anticipating what the aftermarket would do with its new, more aggressive lines and this entry is everything we’ve been dreaming of.

Based out of Japan, Access Evolution decked out this sedan with products from their Exclusive Sport line. The matte black makes it a very aggressive VIP style rather than the sleek gloss black that’s normally related to the traditional “bad ass” VIP style. It’s amazing how simply making the car matte black instead of glossy black makes it sporty rather than luxurious.

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